Programming and its ways

Programming and its ways

Yes what is Programming? Many of us may have this question on mind but we may be shy of asking what is it? Shy because of the fear of people taunting us back, saying in this technical era, how we cannot know it. Well my solution to this problem is that of keeping calm and reading this piece of my hard work wherein I have tried to incorporate its real in the simplest of language.

Define it

Computer Programming is a process that is resolves a problem by computing it. This problem is resolved and the solution is implemented into a computer program. Voila, it is as simple as this may sound. Yes but the process is not an easy one for sure as it involves a lot of logical analysis, understanding, needs to generate and verify algorithms in a specific language. This language could be in Java, C. C++, Ruby or Python to name a few.

What more?

Apart from all this the main task of a programmer is to test the software thus formulated, debug it if there is any problem, manage it properly on the particular domain, maintain the source code and implement the program properly.

So if you want to learn then you need to keep one thing that it is not easy to learn it at all. It takes time to understand it and then format programs accordingly. Listed are a few of Ways of Learning Programming Languages that you can use as your point of reference:

  1. Take up the challenge – Learning Programming may not be that easy but with little focus and a little self persistence, you can learn it in a lot easier way than you may have imagined. Take the challenge that you have thrown at yourself and teach yourself not to quit.

  1. Learn the basics – Many a people rush through the basics as they think these are well known concepts, but this is not the case. Knowing your basics well will take you to a different height.

  1. Choose the language – Again stick basics like C and then gradually promote yourself to learn C++ as these two are still the fundamental languages of programming. Avoid learning complex languages like Java in the very beginning. The idea is to get a hang of things and then move forward to another kind.

  1. Start adoring Mathematics – Yes this is a requirement and sadly enough, most of us like hating it but as a programmer you will have to deal with it day in and day out. You will have to solve problems on daily basis and do remember to retain the solutions as people tend to forget but good programmers always keep a tab by going back to their work again and again.

  1. Don’t forget the codes – Yes Programming is a coded language that only programmers can decipher. Hence learning about codes is the most crucial part of this learning. It is always advisable to work on them constantly and regularly so that you don’t forget about them at all.

In conclusion it has to be stated that as a good programmer you should be self motivated. Additionally you should read a lot to keep yourself updated with the latest development because reading, understanding and implementing are the only ways of learning Programming as a language.