About Us

Hello my name is Aquinas and welcome to my blog! Yeah, I know that sounds generic but the contents that you’ll find in my blog will never be! I am an adventurous person who loves UX design and programming. I own a small web development company located at Massachusetts. This is my space online and hopefully, you’ll enjoy it.

I created this website to share my knowledge of UX design to the public. This will enable me to extend my reach and help out aspiring UX designer worldwide. This website is initially meant as a time killer, a hobby when I’m not doing any project. However, I believe in the phrase “sharing is caring”, hence, the Aquinas Hub was born!

You’re probably a designer, coder or developers, right? That’s why you landed on my blog. You’re probably looking for information towards a topic that I discussed on my blog. Are you disappointed with what you found? If yes, then you’re probably off to another search results from google, but you’re here and it means that you are satisfied. My main reason for creating this website is you, a person hungry for information about several things.

My blog will feature things mostly about UX Design, coding, programming and the tech industry. You’ll be able to understand several concepts of UX design as well as the latest news, trends, ups and downs in the tech world. This way, you will be kept up to date about the world of computers. After all, being up to date is one of the primary duties of anyone who has something to do with the tech industry.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog. Have a nice day!