What is “Programming” ?

ProgrammingProgramming is nothing but the formation of those computerized programs that can make your daily tasks easier and convenient. It is a set of instruction arranged systematically for the computer to follow in order to produce the desired results. The person who writes these instructions or codes is called a computer or software programmer. They are also called as software developers or engineers.

Some of the popular this type of languages is Java, C/C++, C#, PHP and Python. There are lots of free online tutorials and eBooks available online. So you can easily learn these if you are interested.

Basicallyit is a procedure that is determines a problem by computing it. This problem is cracked and the solution is implemented into a computer program. It is as simple as this may sound. Yes but the process is not an easy one for sure as it requires a couple of logical study, understanding, needs to generate and verify algorithms in a specific language.

Learning a language successfully may assist you to learn others quickly, since most of them are modeled after one another and thus, the structure or syntax of writing them often remains identical. Nonetheless, these all coding languages vary in the way they are to get into and setup. Therefore, you need to understand the insights of a few definite languages in turn to get started.

C: Enables you to write effective codes

 C still remains as one of the most utilized coding languages. Basically a machine level language, C helps you to learn the method of a program functions combine with the hardware and permits you to grab the fundamentals of coding language at the most basic hardware-level. In addition, C is known as the grandfather of several high level languages, for example C#, Java, and JavaScript.

Java: A highly practical language to learn

Java is a highly popular programming language, which re-implementation Oriented principles that are used in numerous modern languages, like Perl, PHP, C++, and Python. Clearly, it’s easy to learn other OOP languages after you have learned Java.

Python: Easy and interesting to learn

Several people advise beginners to learn Python, owing to the wonderful amalgamation of simplicity and great capabilities that the language provides. The code is easy to read and carries out straight programming style without being overly strict about formation or syntax, for example remembering to put a “;” at the end of every line.

Apparently, Python uses less lines of code, fewer times, and not as much number of concepts to write a simple script as compared to another language.

JavaScript: For building websites

 Since JavaScript is already created into Web browsers, so this language requires the slightest amount of set up to begin with. Experts do suggested beginners to get started with JavaScript since it has a not so-stringent syntax, which means you can code freely and also, you can see rapid results without require numerous tools.

Factors that you should think sooner than writing a computer Program

1. Create a proper logic for the program

2. Segregate the program into different functions

3. Do a complete study of the Syntax of the syntax that you will use.

4. You should also make sure that you use a short code.

5. Make sure that the variable names and the different functions are very logical.

At last Computer programming is a motivating career path and gives lot of growth opportunities. Programmers have to be creative and innovative. However, not all jobs in a software industry are related to coding. There are lots of other career options in software industry as well.

Software job is a demanding job and a computer programmer has to complete his/her work by a planned date. Most of the companies need their employees to work for 8 to 9 hours a day. Certain times an employee may have to increase his/her work hours to 10-12 hours a day.